Numerical Ecology with R

A practical guide to Numerical Ecology using the R language

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Daniel Borcard

François Gillet

Pierre Legendre

This page provides the data sets, R scripts, R functions and several useful links related to the book entitled "Numerical Ecology with R".

AVAILABLE NOW: Numerical Ecology with R, second edition

Scripts, functions and data - Second edition

This material includes a script to install the necessary packages; it also provides the data sets, the R scripts for all chapters (cross-platform) and several R functions. Latest update: 2022-04-02 (R version 4.1.3).
Complete material, updated for R 4.1.3
Important additional information: before using this material please make sure you have updated both R to version 4.1.3 and the adespatial package (including all its dependencies) to version 0.3-16.
Material for the first edition of the book, February 2017, tested with R 3.3.2. No longer updated.
First edition material

Errata, addenda and updates - Second edition

This file provides corrections of small mistakes found in the printed edition (Errata), as well as improved explanations and additional, recently published information (Addenda). The corrections or improvements to the R code have been made in the corresponding scripts. Latest update: 2020-07-19.
pdf file

Chinese translation - Second edition

Borcard, D., F. Gillet & P. Legendre. 2020. Numerical ecology with R, 2nd Chinese edition (translation: J. Lai, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences). Higher Education Press, Beijing.
Cover pdf

Springer web page of the book - second edition